10 Ways to Help Victims of Natural Disasters

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1. Medical Assistance

Medical equipment, medicines, treatment, and medical assistance are urgently needed for victims of natural disasters.

When a disaster occurs, many people will be injured, both lightly and seriously. Therefore, medical help is urgently needed.

2. Psychological Assistance

Apart from physical health, the mental health of the victims also needs to be maintained. Victims, especially children, will experience minor or major trauma.

For those who have knowledge in the field of counseling and psychology, you can join a volunteer team as a psychologist.

3. Education and Education Assistance

Natural disasters can also damage educational facilities, facilities and infrastructure. As a result, students cannot continue their education for a certain period of time.

Procurement of emergency school units is also an alternative option. Apart from teaching staff, books and stationery are also needed.

4. Food and clothing assistance

Food and clothing are also very much needed by victims of natural disasters. Provision of food and clothing can be done to help victims of natural disasters in the region.

Moreover, in a major event such as a tsunami, landslide, or storm, the victims will lose their clothes.

Food and drinks are also limited in quantity. Provide proper clothing and good nutrition to victims of natural disasters.

5. Temporary Residential Assistance

The damage to housing made it difficult for the victims to carry out personal activities, even just disturbed sleep.

Therefore, assistance in the form of temporary housing is awaited by the victims. Even though the temporary housing provided will not be private property, but joint property, the victims will still be happy and grateful for this assistance plus increase the sense of togetherness.

6. Spiritual and Religious Aid

Every country is a country that really respects religion. Even if natural disasters occur, religious activities should not be stopped.

can meet the spiritual and religious needs of victims of natural disasters in each country by providing units of temporary places of worship, worship equipment, or simply religious services.

7. Help Information

In the post-disaster period, information is very much needed. For example, information on the number of victims, disaster maps, the latest news, disaster response, and so on.

In addition, people who are outside the disaster area also need valid information related to the development of natural disaster management and the conditions of the victims.

Instead of spreading confusing rumors, first verify the existing news. Next, spread it if necessary.

This simple action is included as a way to help victims of natural disasters, you know.

8. Transportation Assistance

Road access will indeed hinder the flow of mobility in and out of disaster response, but that does not mean that transportation is not so needed. On the contrary, transportation is needed to facilitate and support the activities being held, including the delivery of donated goods.

9. Sanitation Assistance

Personal hygiene is also necessary, you know. The availability of toilets is a basic human need, including victims of natural disasters.

Bathing, washing hands, defecating, and so on are very much needed. With the provision of toilets and the provision of personal sanitation equipment, the lives of the victims will be even better post-disaster.

10. Fund, Capital and Business Assistance

Again, money cannot be separated from people’s lives, even if it is post-disaster life.

This method of helping victims of natural disasters does not only aim to reap financial benefits.

This method is a form of coaching and debriefing so that victims of natural disasters have living capital.

After a natural disaster occurs, victims will need new sources of livelihood and the provision of financial, capital and business assistance can overcome these problems.