What are the negative impacts if the younger generation doesn’t like to read books?

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Reported from the Golden Generation (2019) book by Ahmad Rifa’i, the following are the negative impacts of the young generation who are lazy to read, namely:

  • Many young people are lazy generations.
  • Lack of knowledge, so they are unable to compete with other regions and even foreign countries.
  • It is difficult to get a job due to lack of knowledge. The young generation who are lazy to read will find it difficult to socialize because of lack of insight.
  • The younger generation will find it difficult to develop their potential because of limited knowledge
  • Many young people don’t care about the environment and tend to be selfish because they are busy with their gadgets

Research conducted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2016 on 61 countries in the world shows that reading habits in Indonesia are very low. The results of the study, published under the name “The World’s Most Literate Nations”, show that Indonesia is ranked 60th, only one level above Botswana. The causes of low interest and reading habits include lack of access, especially for remote areas. This is something that was revealed from the Reading Literacy Activity Index (Alibaca) of the Ministry of Education and Culture.