These 12 Benefits of Reading Books Every Day

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These 12 Benefits of Reading Books Every Day

It is common knowledge, reading books is an activity that has many benefits in everyday life but is sometimes lazy to do. Books are one of the various sources of knowledge that can add insight. By reading a book, one can know anything in the world. Nothing wrong, if the book is often referred to as a window to the world.

In addition to broadening your horizons, you will of course have a fairly open and broad mind. Not only increasing knowledge, books are also a means of entertainment for someone, especially when reading fiction genre books such as novels. This is one of the many benefits of reading story books.

Unwittingly, the benefits of reading can be an inspiration for us. Unfortunately, the activity of reading books has been neglected by various circles. The reason is none other than their busy lives. Getting here, reading books is also slowly being abandoned because of the more practical media to get information such as television, radio, and internet media.

No wonder many do not know the benefits of reading fiction and non-fiction books. Especially the benefits of reading books for children, because it gives a pretty good impact. This site will explain in detail, some of the benefits of reading books that are rarely known.

1. The Benefits of Reading Books Help Reduce Stress

These 12 Benefits of Reading Books Every Day

Not only adding information about the book being read, reading a book was also considered able to reduce a person’s stress level. This is because, according to a survey, reading books can reduce stress levels by up to 68 percent. Certainly higher than reducing stress levels by listening to music or just playing games.

Not limited to just one type of book, the most important thing is to make yourself feel comfortable with the reading you have. That way, you can feel the benefits well.

In addition to relaxation, reading books also provides great inner peace and tranquility. Reading has been shown to lower blood pressure and has been shown to help people with certain mood disorders and mild mental illness. This is one of the benefits of reading story books or other types of books, which many people overlook. In fact, many people think that reading books actually makes the brain continue to work and causes stress, even though the benefits of reading books are reducing stress.

2. Can Stimulate Mental

The benefits of reading can be mental stimulation. For information, the brain is one of the organs of the body that turns out to require exercise to stay strong and healthy like other body organs. Reading books can keep the brain active so that it can perform its functions properly and correctly. Several studies have also proven that reading books can stimulate mental and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

While memory and brain function declines are side effects of aging, regular reading can help slow the process. Keeping the brain active can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

For information, according to research Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, elderly people who often stimulate their brains by reading, are 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

Activities that can stimulate the brain, including playing chess, puzzles, and of course, reading. In addition, it is better to cultivate the habit of reading from a young age because the hobby of reading does not just come, but must be practiced. So, if you are just starting to read when you are old, chances are you will get bored quickly and will not feel comfortable reading for long.

3. Reading Books Can Increase Knowledge

In addition to mentally stimulating, reading books can also fill our heads regarding a variety of new information that has never been known. And most likely it can be useful for us later. The more knowledge we have, the better prepared we will be to face the challenges of life both now and in the future.

In addition, knowledge is a very valuable thing and will never be lost even if we lose other things in this world, such as property, objects, and others. Stories and ideas contained in a book that we read are proven to help open the way of the mind to know more about the other world and gain a deeper understanding than before.

4. Benefits of Reading Books to Improve Memory

Furthermore, the habit of reading books can also improve a person’s memory. Because, when you’re reading, your brain doesn’t just decipher the words you read. By reading, a person’s neurobiology will process images and speech that appear, especially when reading. In addition, parts of the brain that regulate vision and language work together to produce something that you understand and is easier to remember.

It can also be said that reading books can certainly improve the quality of the brain in the process of remembering various kinds of things that have been read. For example, characters, backgrounds, ambitions, history, as well as various elements or plots of each storyline. Every memory will certainly help a person to forge brain pathways and strengthen them. In addition, reading activities can stabilize one’s mood. Not only that, reading can be a form of exercise for the brain to the fullest than just watching television or listening to the radio.

5. Adding Vocabulary Vocabulary

If you read often it will also help someone to increase their vocabulary. More and more new vocabularies are known both from Indonesian and other languages. A large vocabulary will certainly increase our ability and confidence in expressing opinions, especially in public.

If all this time you have been having trouble putting together the right words, by reading you can overcome this. Regularly reading various books will give you a more diverse vocabulary. This of course can help you in various activities and daily activities, with a more diverse vocabulary, the words you assemble will be more meaningful and have a fairly broad interpretation.

On the other hand, these benefits can also be felt by children. The reason, the benefits of reading books for children to be able to stimulate children’s language skills. When mothers read story books, children will observe and learn a variety of new vocabulary that has never been known before. Thus, language skills will increase and he can use the right vocabulary to express something. Usually, girls feel this benefit more quickly because girls have a higher level of focus when listening to stories, than boys.

When he enters school, later on, children who like to be read to by their parents will not only be good at learning Indonesian. In general, he will master the lesson, because all subjects require good reading skills to be mastered.

Research shows that children whose parents read to them will have a larger vocabulary, as well as more advanced math skills, than other children their age. A 2019 study published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics also found that children who read daily add about 78,000 words each year. In more than five years, the child can have a vocabulary of up to 1.4 million words.

6. Helps Stimulate Analytical Thinking Skills

When reading a mystery book or a certain genre, you will definitely be forced to think and get carried away in the script. Then, you will start guessing and analyzing what will happen in the storyline. This ability to analyze is something that you can improve through reading books, especially in certain readings that can lead you to think more critically.

On the other hand, the benefits of reading books for children are also able to stimulate imagination and creativity. As we know, the world of children is a world of play which is colored with imagination and creativity. However, every child does not experience the same level of imagination development. In this case, mothers can hone their children’s imagination by reading fairy tales to them regularly, so that children can grow up to be creative children. Start by reading the story using a non-monotonous intonation and hand movements so that the child can imagine what the picture of the story looks like in his mind.

7. The Benefits of Reading Books Help Improve Concentration

Of course, by reading you can increase your focus and concentration, the more you get carried away in the plot of the book, the more you concentrate only on the story and the writing. This will have a good impact on your work or daily routine, of course you can also apply it to daily activities and activities that require additional concentration.

In toddlers, although he is still not fluent in reading letters and is only interested in seeing pictures, reading can train his concentration. Especially when accompanied by his parents and accompanied by reading story books. Slowly, the child will sit still, calm, and focus on the story even if it is not for long. By reading, the child’s mind will begin to focus on the content of the reading. So, don’t be surprised if the benefit of reading books is that it can train his concentration when he starts entering school later.

The main thing, of course, to get maximum results, focus and concentration is really needed in doing something. Many books also teach how to increase concentration, for example by means of meditation and so on. However, there are actually simple techniques that can improve concentration, especially in studying or reading books. The secret to concentration lies in the ability to generate interest in what you want to read, study, or do.

8. Helps Improve Writing Skills

The benefit of reading is that it can improve one’s writing skills. This happens along with the increasing number of books read, because reading books will make someone have insight. With that insight will later be poured into writing.

For example, if you don’t know anything about health insurance, is it possible that you can tell about health insurance in writing? Of course not, you must first learn about health insurance by reading or watching videos.

Likewise, when you want to write, at least you have to master what you are going to write. One of them is reading a book. Plus, by reading books, you will understand more about how to choose the right words, how to make effective sentences, how to plot the story and much more.

9. Benefits of Reading Books as Entertainment

Not only a serious thing, it turns out that reading can be the most useful entertainment. Maybe you don’t need to spend a lot of money as if you were on vacation abroad. Simply by reading you can get entertainment as well as knowledge that you can use until old age. The benefits are certainly far more than the costs you have to spend to buy books. Invest in your future with useful entertainment like reading.

10. Reading Books Can Give You Peace

Apart from being entertainment, the benefit of reading is that it brings immense inner peace and tranquility. Reading can lower blood pressure. In addition, it has been shown to help people suffering from certain mood disorders and mild mental illnesses. This is the benefit of reading books that people often overlook. Because many people think that reading books actually makes the brain continue to work and causes stress, even though the benefits of reading books are reducing stress and providing calm indirectly.

11. Reading Books Prevents cognitive decline

As is known, the ability to remember a person will decrease with age. However, some studies suggest that reading can help even prevent cognitive decline. It can even help prevent more severe forms of cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s.

Research from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL – published in the Journal of Neurology in 2013 points to the fact that reading and other brain-stimulating activities can slow down dementia.

12. Benefits of Reading Books to Help Improve Sleep Quality

Finally, using a smartphone before bedtime has a bad impact, including reducing sleep duration and reducing sleep quality. As stated in a study published in Social Science & Medicine, this is because the light that comes from a smartphone screen can reduce the production of melatonin in the brain, a hormone that reminds you to sleep. Therefore, it is important to exchange the habit of using a smartphone with reading before bed. This is based on what was conveyed by the Mayo Clinic, that creating a habit of reading before bed can improve sleep quality.

The benefits of reading become one of the important things in life. Not only adding insight, the benefits of reading also become a separate entertainment for someone. In addition, by reading we become more aware of many things. The importance of reading is also needed when we buy insurance and read the contents of the insurance policy. Generally, when reading an insurance policy, the brow becomes wrinkled and then it is difficult to understand each term. Actually, it’s not that difficult.